Mountain Mycoworks

Ambassadors to the Fifth Kingdom

Myco Month at Broken Ground

We're delighted to be collaborating with Broken Ground and the Radical Mycology Collective to bring the Radical Mycology's North American Tour to Bozeman!  To provide our community with a robust experience, we're organizing a series of mycocentric events around the workshops that Radical Mycology will be presenting.

The month kicks off with a film night at Broken Ground-

Join us on October 7th at Broken Ground from 7-8:30pm to view and discuss a series of short films that delve into the world of fungi.  For more info or to RSVP click here and/or here.

Radical Mycology will be presenting their workshops on the October 21st-

More information can be found on Radical Mycology, Broken Ground, or our website.

Further Exploration-

A follow-up workshop, to be presented by Mountain Mycoworks and hosted by Broken Ground, is in the works.  This workshop will be held October 25th, the Saturday following the Radical Mycology Tour.  It will either be designed to expand upon concepts that the Rad Myco workshop participants want to explore further or to delve into topics not included in the two previous workshops.  Check back soon as we'll be updating the Events page as soon as the plan solidifies.